Jess E.

Hannah is brilliant and I really look forward to our sessions

Emily L.

Hannah trained me all through my pregnancy with my first child and also post pregnancy too. She adapted exercises for me so I was able to do everything safely even though she still pushed me. She's a great trainer and she keeps it really fun

Dan R.

She's absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend Hannah to anyone thinking I need to get motivated and make a change; Hannah will get you there

Claire C.

Hannah is fantastic, I look forward to my session and even though it is hard, it's always fun. I push myself harder and can feel that I have done the exercises correctly as Hannah ensures that I do!

Carley L.

Having never enjoyed training of any sort, even PE at school, I spent years avoiding it at any cost. This year I made the decision to make my health my top priority and I am LOVING it. I can't recommend Hannah enough, I look forward to our sessions despite the hard work I know I will have to put in, I've seen some great results already

Beth S

Hannah is the best PT!! I love all my sessions even though she does kill me each time!!! Thanks so much babe xxx

Lucy D.

Hannah Is Inspiring

Bonnie H.

Hannah is ace! Always full of energy and really enthusiastic. Thank you for another great session

Lewis C.

Hannah has such a great energy, a true expert in her field and keeps me motivated from start to finish. Thank you!

Valeria F.

Hannah is so professional and a very good trainer

Pamela G.

Hannah is a brilliant trainer and great motivator

Nikki W.

Super motivating, very friendly and professional

Emma L.

Hannah is great! Really motivating, fun and friendly!

Yasmin G.

Loving my sessions with Hannah, never bored or "smashing it". Sensible but works well and the time flies! Lovely girl too x

Dom R.

Hannah is amazing at what she does. The sessions are always fun and challenging. I would 100% recommend her no matter what your level of fitness

Justine H.

I've never been much a gym bunny, I wish I was! I started training with Hannah  around 5 years ago and I've learnt so much from her; she's made me stronger in so many ways. She has educated me and made me try new and fun things which always involves lots of giggles but now I lift weights! Her being mobile means I literally have no excuse not to get our weekly session booked in

Bernadette C.

Hannah is both my PT and my Nutritionist. Since signing up with her, I've not only lost weight and inches but the most important thing is I've also gained so much confidence in so many ways. She is transforming my mind as well as my body and I feel amazing. Thank you so much for everything Hannah... I really do feel like a Warrior Woman

Camilla S.

Thank you for making me feel comfortable in a place I always felt my most uncomfortable. And of course for the dances in between sets!


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